Port Operator

(TCDD) General Directorate of Turkish State Railways


TCDD Liman İşletmesi Müdürlüğü Haydarpasa / Istanbul - TURKEY


90-216-348 80 20


90-216-345 17 05


29705 TCSL TR



40° 59' 00" N
28° 57' 00" E
Port Working Hours
  Administrative 08:30 - 17:30
  Operational 3 shifts (08:00-16:30, 16:30-00:30, 00:30-08:00)
24 hours a day

Port Manager

90-216-337 99 88


PILOTAGE- Pilotage is compulsory for vessels entering or leaving the port. This service is provided by the Turkish Maritime Organization (TDI) round the clock.

TOWAGE- Towage is not necessary for the vessels up to 2000 GRT. This service is provided by the Port Authority round the clock for the vessels larger than 2000 GRT.

SEA CRAFTS- 5 tug boat, 2 train ferries, 2 mooring boats and 1 service boat are available.

HANDLING EQUIPMENT- The container handling operations are carried out by 4 gantry cranes of 40 tons capacity, 11 rubber tired transtainers of 40 tons capacity, and 7 reach stackers of 25 to 42 tons capacity and 7 empty container forklifts of 8 to 10 tons capacity. In addition, 6 mobile cranes of 5 to 25 tons capacity, 30 short mast forklifts (Diesel+electric) and 1 loader are also available.
Reefer facilities suitable for reefer containers are also available.
One MHC crane of 65 tons capacity is also present in the port.

BULK CARGO FACILITY- One concrete grain silo belonging to TMO (Turkish Grain Board) and having a total 34.000 tons capacity is available, and there is a conveyor system connection with the quay.

TRAIN FERRY- There are two ferry stations for the train ferries operated between Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa. Each train ferry has a capacity of 480 tons