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(TCDD)General Directorate of Turkish State Railways


TCDD Liman Isletmesi Müdürlügü Iskenderun - TURKEY


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32424 LIMAN TR

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36° 38' 00" N
36° 10' 00" E
Port Working Hours
  Administrative 08:30 - 17:30

3 shifts (08:00-16:30, 16:30-00:30, 00:30-08:00)
24 hours a day

Port Manager 90-326-614 00 47

Assistant Manager

90-326-613 31 94


Port Characteristics

L OCATION Iskenderun port is situated on the North-East of the Mediterranean Sea . It serves the Southeast, East Anatolian regions as well as transit traffic to the Middle East countries. It also plays an important role as a transit port. The port has a breakwater of 1400 m long. The depth at the port entrance is 12 m. The port is also connected with the networks of state railways and highway. As a multi-purpose port, it serves different type of commodities and cargo groups such as general cargo, dry/liquid bulk, container handling, and Ro-Ro vessels.

PILOTAGE is compulsory for vessels entering or leaving the port and towage is not necessary for the vessels up to 2000 GRT. Both of these services are provided by the Port Authority round the clock .

SEA CRAFTS one floating crane of 90 ton s capacity, one pilot boat, 4 tug boats, 2 mooring boats and one service boat.

HANDLING EQUIPMENT one reach stacker of 42 tons capacity and one empty container forklift of 10 tons capacity, 17 shore and yard cranes of 3 to 35 tons, 8 mobile cranes of 5 to 25 tons capacity, 8 standard and 13 small masted forklifts, 2 crawler cranes, 5 tracked cranes and 3 loaders. The port has wide storage areas for containerized cargoes.

ORE AND BULK CARGO FACILITIES A reinforced concrete grain silo belonging to TMO (Turkish Grain Board) of 60.000 tons capacity is available and there is a conveyor system connection with the quay. There is also an ore conveyor operating at a rate of 350 tons/hour for loading, 250 tons/hour for unloading .