•  Suburban Trains: These trains serve local passenger transport (in Ankara , Istanbul and Izmir )


Suburban train exterior view


Suburban train interior view

•  Super Express Trains:

These are fast and comfortable trains and they serve between major cities and do not stop at intermediate stations. (Baskent Express, Cumhuriyet Express, Fatih Express, 9 Eylül Express, Erzurum Express)

Common Characteristics of Super Express TVS 2000 Passenger Cars


Luxury Pullman , Compartment, Restaurant, Sleeping, and Saloon Cars are the outputs of a specific perception of technical safety, passenger comfort, inner decoration, and aesthetics as the first examples of TCS 2000 series designed by TÜVASAS.





TVS 2000 Pullman Car


The seats, which have been ergonomically designed to ensure maximum passenger comfort during long voyages, are fixed to the floor with rubber vibration absorbers. In the saloon, there are 60 seats in (2+1) seating order. Double glazed insulating glass units, which are made of safety glass, are utilized for windows. There are roller blinds on every window to protect the passengers against sunshine. Indirect lighting system creates a well-lighted and airy environment in the saloon; besides, there are independent reading lamps.



Having a color harmony with its contemporary inner design, ergonomic and aesthetic features, the Pullman cars are equipped with an air-conditioning system that ensures the stability of heat everywhere. Heating, ventilating, and cooling processes are full-automatically performed and provide high level of comfort.





Sleeping Car


Couchette Car


TVS-2000 Compartment Car

There are 11 independent compartments in the saloon with a capacity of 66 passengers. Every compartment has 6 seats that have been anatomically designed to provide maximum passenger comfort even during long voyages and they are grouped in (3+3) seating. Seat cushions are sliding and seating space can be adjusted. Corridor sides of each compartment are entirely fitted with glass. Sliding compartment doors provide maximum opening for passengers. Racks and fluorescent lamps, which are assembled on windows and can be used independently, provide indirect lighting and a nice ambience in compartments. In order to insulate the noise, the inner part and floor of cars are entirely covered with sound absorbing material.

Compartment cars are equipped with a combined heating-ventilating system that ensures stable temperature in each compartment. In addition, every compartment has a thermostat controlled second heating system. Corridor side is heated with the air transferred from compartments. The compartment windows have half opening casements. At both ends there are closets with hygienic washbasins.



TVS-2000 Restaurant Car

Before all else, passengers are received in TVS-2000 restaurant car with a comfortable, air-conditioned, and well lighted environment. There are 14 independent dining tables for 55 passengers. They have been anatomically designed to provide maximum passenger comfort even during long voyages and they are grouped in (2+2) seating. Every seat is fixed to floor covering, which can freely float on the car floor, by means of rubber vibration absorbers. This construction ensures less noise and vibration in the saloon. The inner part and chassis of car are entirely covered with sound absorbing material so as to provide the required insulation against noise and protection against corrosion. Passengers are informed about travel by means of the loudspeaker system. There are roller blinds on every window to protect the passengers against strong sunshine.

Restaurant cars are equipped with an independent air-conditioning system that is combined with a heating system that ensures the temperature stability throughout the car. Hot and cold airs are uniformly distributed in the cars through the ducts on ceiling and side walls. Two aspirators in the kitchen provide the personnel with very well ventilated environment during cooking. The stainless steel kitchenware is in a capacity to meet the customer requests. All of the kitchenware is easy-to-clean and electric operated; furthermore, they meet hygiene conditions.

There is a showcase refrigerator, upper side of which is marbled, and a refirgator for cooling some drinks in the saloon.

•  Blue (Mavi) Trains: These are fast trains that only stop at the important centers of their service areas. (Izmir Mavi, Iç Anadolu Mavi, 4 Eylül Mavi, Çukurova Mavi)

•  Express Trains: These are long-distance fast trains that only stop in the places having intensive passenger demand.

•  Area Express Trains: These are fast trains that only stop at the centers of their service are having intensive passenger demand.

•  Railcars and Motor-Trains: These are fast trains serving between short distances and stopping at all of the stations and stops of their service areas.






•  Normal Passenger Trains: These are the trains serving between long and short distance settlement areas and stopping at all of the intermediate stations and servicing in a combined manner (freight + passenger wagons) when necessary.

Passenger Car for Handicapped People